A Case Against Acids

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The Case Against Cleaning with Hazardous Acids
The Case for Using EnviroGen

A major selling advantage over corrosive products


Many everyday cleaners are corrosive and dangerous

Acid and acid-based cleaners, even including some of your familiar, every day toilet bowl cleaners, are dangerous to use. Take a look at the supermarket shelves or in your local hardware or auto supply store and check out just how many cleaning products are labeled with the corrosive graphic. You will be amazed when you read the cautions. The question you need to ask is why do people keep using dangerous cleaners when there are safe alternatives today that do the job just as well?

Example of a leading, but dangerous acid-based cleaner and descaler.

Most of us are familiar with a popular product that is continuously advertised on television, CLR. This product is designed to remove calcium, lime and rust, and other inorganic soils. You see it on every shelf in super-markets, automotive and hardware retailers. There is no question about it, CLR cleans as they claim it to clean, in most situations. However, one thing they do not tell you about their product on national television is that it is corrosive. This warning graphic about the corrosive danger of CLR is on their label and it’s only there because the government mandates it.

In comparison, EnviroGen cleans and descales similar to CLR. But there is one important difference. EnviroGen is not required by the US government to have the dangerous warning corrosive graphic on our containers. No corrosive symbol is required because our product is not dangerous to people. EnviroGen is classified as a mild irritant – this is the same classification that’s given to liquid dish soap. Compare EnviroGen’s cleaning performance to CLR and you will find it does the job just as well.


Workplace Injuries

Ask anyone who handles acids or acid-based cleaners what concerns them most and predictably the will tell you it’s the high risk involved in handling toxic substances. Two such substances are hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. Both are extremely toxic and yet they are the most commonly used acids in institutional and industrial cleaning products for the removal of calcium, lime and rust. The ill-health effects from exposure to commonly used acids are well known. There’s contact with the skin and eyes that causes varying degrees of irritation, sometimes injury to cell tissue itself. Inhaling toxic fumes affects the mucous membranes, throat and respiratory tract. A joint project by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and California state and local officials found 41 percent of cleaning chemicals are dangerous and 6 percent are too dangerous to us, including many toilet bowl cleaners.


Facts about Workplace Injuries

USA cleaners and custodians are among the top five most injured workforces. The US Labor Department found in a study done several years ago that seven percent of all injuries to private sector janitors and cleaners causing lost work time were the result of accidents involving chemicals, resulting in lost production, higher overhead, escalating insurance premiums and, of course, lower profit. Janitorial positions are generally entry level and workers in these positions do not have the necessary knowledge or familiarity with the hazards relating to the products they are using. Extensive training is needed. The turnover is high.
FACT: ENVIROGEN eliminates the hidden costs of using acid & acid-based cleaners.


Waste Disposal Problems

Corporate compliance with government and industry safe and environmental regulations has become costly. Non-compliance even more so, usually incurring substantial penalties.
Fact: ENVIROGEN provides easy control of pH in waste materials.


Rid your premises of dangerous acids forever!

Today there’s no excuse to clean with hazardous products. Safety is today’s trend and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to substitute danger with safety. EnviroGen is today’s Number One substitute for improving the safety factor in any facility while providing the same or even improved cleaning performance as the dangerous products it is designed to replace.

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