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Who We Are

CleanCorrect Solutions is a product development and sales company with over 50 years’ experience in the specialty chemical industry. Since 1961 we have been involved in the industry as a manufacturer, sales organization, product development, packaging and marketing consultant to companies in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Australia. Our strength and understanding of the industry comes from many years perfecting our products in the field.

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Over the years, our research and development team has been responsible for groundbreaking specialty chemical products, specifically formulated to replace dangerous and harmful acids, alkaline and petroleum-based products, while enjoying advanced safety without compromising cleaning performance. The majority of our products are ‘green’ and are designed within the guidelines set by the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program.

Product development is not limited to the laboratory; in fact, the most important stage of product development takes place in the real world, removing various soils in the same applications for which our products are purchased. This eliminates the cost for our customers of trial, error and evaluation. Our products are proven.

Our Achievements in the Marketplace

Everything we can and do say about our products is only one part of the CleanCorrect success story. What completes our story in a way that words never can are our achievements in the marketplace.

Demand for our products continues to expand for three reasons. Our products are successful because of their optimum cleaning performance, safety to people and the environment and because they make economic sense, which is why they are presently being used in institutional, industrial, government and commercial facilities.


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We offer all our distributors and affiliates complete marketing support.   We stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee.

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