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Specialty Chemicals

People & Environment Safe
Green Products

Three Reasons People Purchase Clean * Correct Products

Reason 1. Safe to People and the Environment

Reason 2. Optimum Cleaning Performance

Reason 3. Lower Cleaning Costs

CleanCorrect Solutions is dedicated to using the latest technologies and approaches to develop products that are safe to people and the environment, also economical and which out-perform similar, traditional products in the marketplace. Plus our products are proven in the marketplace in thousands of industrial, institutional, government and commercial facilities. Now in homes. Our unique line of green products is designed within the guidelines set by the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program and most of these products are EPA certified. The United States government has taken an outstanding initiative to create a program with strict guidelines set by top scientists for manufacturers to follow. This is a good start, but we still need to take it to the next level, to producing even safer and more effective products.

Our products are what we would call green in the truest sense. They are specifically formulated as alternatives to cleaning with harmful acid, caustic and petroleum-based products. We comply and exceed government requirements for people and environment safe cleaning products. Our products would qualify for TerraChoice certification in Canada and GreenSeal in the US. Our surfactant system is on the EPS CleanGredients list, which contains preferred surfactants from an environmental impact viewpoint.

Nano Coatings Technology

Coatings that are Self Cleaning, Self Deodorizing and Self Sterilizing. These coating are creating new markets. They are now proven to be effective in almost all industrial, institutional, government and commercial markets. These are technologies corresponding to the environmental problems which we must solve as the most important objective. Established in Japan for over fifteen years and relatively new in North America.

Traditional Non Green Products Still in Demand

We also offer a line of traditional non-green products. The reality is that Green products have not yet eliminated all traditional products. And there’s a good reason for this. In certain applications the fact is that green products just won’t do the job. In these situations we suggest our (ISHP) Industrial Strength High Performance products. Caution must be taken when using these products and cautions listed on the label should be adhered to. Accidents only happen when people do not follow the instructions. People who have difficulty in reading and understanding labels must be trained in the cautions of handling and using ISHP products.

Chemistry by Design for Your Specific Application

Not only are our CCS blends available for private label packaging, we can also formulate products by-design to meet varying needs and wants in cleaning performance, safety to people and the environment, all at better than competitive prices. For standard procedures there is no cost to develop products for you.

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We offer our distributors and their customer’ complete technical support.

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