Breakthrough Advanced Surfactant Technology

Cytagen Advanced Surfactant System.

The development of our proprietary Cytagen advanced surfactant system has allowed us to take both our acid replacement technology and natural soy-based technology to a higher level of cleaning performance and produce the optimum multi-functional acid replacement and soy-solvent replacement for petroleum solvents and harsh alkaline cleaners.

The specific function of Cytagen is to provide a highly efficient and effective soil removal. It provides a faster, stronger lifting power and floatation-action that breaks up and disperses the soil. Dominant emulsification properties help minimize the re-depositation of oily soils after rinsing. Our proprietary Cytagen surfactant system is used to clean both inorganic soils and most organic soils.

The Synergistic Effect of Combining Acid Replacement Technology with Cytagen has resulted in

The Acid Alternative

Our 3rd generation formula is a blend of organic salts and our proprietary surfactant ingredient, Cytagen. ENVIROGEN is the result of the synergy of these two chemistries, combined with our unique manufacturing process of blending, time, temperature and pressure control.

Third Generation
Designed, Tested and Proven

    • To provide optimum cleaning performance.
    • To retain the excellent safety and environmental profiles of earlier technology.
    • To provide additional surface safety and more powerful and faster cleaning action.
    • To provide amazing versatility by combining exception descaling and degreasing capabilities.The Synergistic Effect of Fortifying

Soy Cleaning Power with Cytagen


While Cytagen has made significant improvements in performance and efficiency of our acid replacement product, the synergistic effect of Cytagen and soy is greater, resulting in yet another technological breakthrough that brings the science of cleaning efficiency to a new high. The synergistic effect that takes place has created an economical cleaning product that beats the competition in safety, performance and price.

The balanced combination of natural soy and Cytagen surfactant technology has created a superior dynamic surface tension with a unique horizontal surface spread. This greatly increases the cleaning performance many times over, and provides the ability to clean many more soils compared to competitive and traditional same-purpose cleaner.

Designed, Tested and Proven

  • Provides the cleaning power of d’Limonene, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Faster wetting.
  • Faster cleaning.
  • Unique suspending wetting action rinses completely film free.
  • Unique horizontal spread gives 7 times the surface coverage when cleaning.
  • Provides superior grease cutting properties.


TerraMaxx’s advanced Cytagen-based surfactant system makes the water thinner and wetter, resulting in the wide, horizontal spread that gives a much greater coverage on the surface than traditional same-purpose cleaners. The surface tension keeps the water from penetrating the dirt. Cytagen encapsulates the dirt and uses the particles of soil as a springboard to go off to another particle. One bead of water with TerraMaxx can maximize the horizontal spread of the liquid over the surface. It is hard to visualize this unique spread without having seen it yourself. Until you do, the difference can be likened to the difference between a 1- lane and a 7-lane highway, with TerraMaxx being the 7-lane spread.


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