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Real World Marketing Intelligence

A proven marketing approach to generating customers and maintaining repeat sales

It Pays to be Different

Our ‘difference’ in the marketplace is our advantage and the key to our success. And it can be yours!

Clean*Correct products are an indispensable breathe of fresh air in what can be considered a stale and jaded industry. For too long manufacturers have been adding new spins to old products in the hope that they will be perceived as new. But Oadding a different fragrance or color or story to an existing product does not bring about a fundamental change. It still remains the same old horse, but a different saddle.

It is never enough to have a quality product to sell

There are many quality products sitting on shelves gathering dust because no one has figured out how to sell them. This will not happen to you when you buy Clean*Correct products. We provide our distributors with the inside information needed to generate and retain profitable sales. Our marketing expertise is yours when you buy Clean*Correct products.

Our marketing program is founded on our years of research and experience in the field, calling on end-users in industrial, institutional, commercial and food & beverage processing facilities, distributors and their sales representatives.

We provide Product Sales Manuals and On-Line Sales Guides:

  • The hottest markets to go after
  • How to identify the best accounts
  • How get the product sold
  • How to ensure repeat orders
  • Internet marketing
  • Technical support

Some of the highlights are:

  • The most compelling applications to talk about first
  • Why people will buy EnviroGen instead of traditional dangerous acids
  • Reasons why people will change from their present product to yours
  • Compelling factors about our low cost
  • The powerful 30-second demonstration ‘Seeing is Believing’
  • How to build trust in 60 seconds by phone or person
  • How to open new accounts with one simple phone call.

Clean*Correct Web Site

With a link from your own web site, our web site can be a strong sales and marketing tool for your business. Everything your customers need to know is all in one place and will leave nothing to their imagination as to why CleanCorrect should be part of their cleaning program.


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