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CLEAN*CORRECT will not sell you product

without giving you the essential sales and marketing know-how.

Our difference in the marketplace is our advantage, and the key to our success.
CLEAN*CORRECT cleaning products are an indispensable breathe of fresh air in what can be considered a stale and jaded industry. For too long manufacturers have been adding new spins to old products in the hope that they will be perceived as new. But, adding a different fragrance or color or story to a product does not create a fundamental change – it still remains the same old cleaner.

Our advantage in the marketplace can be YOURS, too!
The cleaning products industry is very competitive, and the fact is unless you carve out a niche for yourself you are at best denying yourself the opportunity to maximize your sales, and at worst making it hard on yourself to survive. The industry is filled with me-too products and there are a myriad of suppliers to choose from. CLEANCORRECT is your opportunity to offer products with a difference.

CLEAN*CORRECT will not sell you product without giving you the sales & marketing know-how.
As you probably know from experience, buying product is one thing; getting sales is another. Besides selling you innovative, safe, tough and environmentally friendly cleaning products for industrial, institutional and commercial applications, we give you the inside information to open new accounts on the first day.

Distributor Sales and Marketing Program
We show you how to make a quick start selling our products by giving you access to our marketing intelligence offered through our Distributor Sales and Marketing Program.

Niche Marketing through Private Label
Our sales and marketing team will assist you in creating your own distinct company image through private label. All of our formulations can be customized to your products, applications and markets.

Create Your Own Market Niche

Products With a Difference
Safe • Tough • Low Cost

Getting your share of a rapidly growing market for safe, high performance cleaners.
We are currently selling our acid replacement technology through hundreds of distributors in North America, either as their private brand or ours. Sales of ENVIROGEN and TerraMaxx are continuing to grow rapidly, and, based on the early positive reaction to nano technology we are positive our latest product is also a winner.

Everyone wants more profitable sales.
We’re ready to prove everything we claim. If you’ve been waiting for the right products to come along, you don’t have to wait any longer.

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