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ENVIROGEN is so versatile it does almost everything.
“All my customers who were using acid, usually phosphoric, in the past have switched over to ENVIROGEN. The reasons being it does the same job and it is SAFE. I sold $29,000 in my first four months. And they have all become repeat customers.”

ENVIROGEN is the best door opener ever
“ENVIROGEN has put a lot of enthusiasm into the day to day selling of our sales people because it is so easy to open new accounts. The best news is once we are in the account we have the added opportunity to sell other products.”

Never has a product impressed or excited me so much.
“After being briefed on ENVIROGEN I tried it out at home over the weekend. Cleaned out my coffee machine, shower, steam iron, removed rust on my brother-in-law’s car. In my first two months I sold over 43 accounts myself. The majority of my sales have been in restroom and kitchen areas.”

ENVIROGEN opened a new, previously unfamiliar market for us.
“In our second year we sold close to $800,000 at high gross profits. We have a sales staff of 23 reps. Many of these sales were to small food and beverage processing facilities. Before ENVIROGEN we had never sold to these types of account.”

Sales of private label products growing fast.
“We have been selling your acid replacement technology for four years. We are now selling under three different labels of this amazing cleaner. We sell two concentrates for two different applications, and one R2U (Ready To Use) in quarts for customers who want convenience and economy.”

ENVIROGEN is so easy to sell.
“Training my sales staff is quick and easy. I hold a 30 minute seminar on product knowledge, show them the demonstration and then away they go, excited and motivated, and make sales. It is an easy sale because the demonstration does the selling for you.”

Going private label has been a great move for us.
“We introduced ENVIROGEN under our own label as a substitute for dangerous acid cleaners. The Sales Guide was easy to follow. We customized it to fit our company’s markets. The demonstration sold both our sales people and our customers. We sold 25 cases in the first four days. One of our reps just opened a small brewery with a drum. Going private label has been a great move for us.”

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