4 Key Essentials

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To Position You for Success and the Potential to Earn Residual Passive Income for Years

Keys to Success


1. Unique Proven Products
Every business has competition. That’s the reality. Which is why, in order to succeed, you need products that set you apart from the competition and give you the competitive edge. Products that people re-order. Every facility has to clean, maintain and replenish their cleaning products. Our products are proven in thousands of industrial, institutional, commercial and government accounts in North America and around the world. They are products you can be proud to represent.

2. A Positive Market Trend That is Ready to Expand
People and Environment Safe products that has been a gradual, yet steady and positive trend and the market for these products is now starting to expand rapidly. It’s a market on the move upward with no signs of letting up. Today, people are more aware of the benefits of good cleaning practices than at any other time in history. You can share in this positive trend. It is an opportunity that is yours for the taking.

 3. Simple and Proven Marketing System For Success
A quality product in of itself does not ensure success. There are many quality products sitting on shelves gathering dust because no one understood how to get them sold. We know exactly how you can generate and retain profitable buyers for many years to come. We give you valuable, proven information that shows you how to get product sold and get your share of this market.

4. The Pay Off – Residual Streams of Passive Income
The pay off is that once an account is opened with CCS products it is not a one-time sale. Because CCS products are consumable you have the opportunity to retain this account and enjoy the residual profits for many years to come. And once the account is satisfied with the introductory product, you have a golden opportunity to introduce other CleanCorrect products. Up to 80% of satisfied customers will repeat. This can double, triple and even quadruple your income after a few years.

Most Important ,You Are Building An Asset of Value
When, and if the time comes, that you want to move on, for whatever reason, you can cash in on the work you have done by selling your business. Your business is an asset that can be sold just like any other business.

How many times have you heard someone say,  “Wish I could get into something new”? And they do.
Some get in at the beginning and build a very satisfying source of income. This is an opportunity that is till in the early stages.

CCU is designed to suit the needs of an experienced marketing person or a beginner.

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