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It’s Not For Everyone

Is this business opportunity for you?

We ask that you take a very close look at the CCS opportunity to be certain that it is a business in which you believe you can be successful. If you are seriously interested in an opportunity that can give you financial, professional and personal rewards, then CCS may be exactly what you are looking for. We provide a turn-key opportunity for you to work at your own level of interest and define your own level of success.

But first, before you invest your time, energy and money we want to make certain you become knowledgeable about what’s in it for you, and, in fact, if it is for you. It is not for everyone, even though we offer proven marketing know-how, top performing products and a proven business opportunity. If it is for you, you can be your own boss in a dynamic growth industry, without a large investment. By owning your own green business, you’ll be joining a growing group of professionals in an industry with an unlimited future and profits.

Your Business is Totally Portable

The world is changing because of technology. Today, the optimum way to do business is work where and when you want. All you need is your computer, internet connection and a telephone. Your business can be run from anywhere. Home. Office. Cottage. Vacation. Travel. Anywhere on the planet. Technology has created a new business world that you can be part of. .



  • Want to work at home
  • Want to be involved in the Business to Business world
  • Want to do Business during business hours
  • Desire to succeed in your own business.
  • A stay home at parent with young children
  • A retiree that is bored and wants to fill some extra time and earn some money
  • A student with flexible hours who wants to work their way through school
  • A couple that between both of you has some hours to invest in your business.
  • Presently working offering non-competing products and have quality contacts.
  • Dissatisfied with your present working situation.
  • A home caregiver with time on their hands
  • Physically challenged
  • Want some real professional satisfaction and financial rewards
  • Anyone that wants extra cash
  • Working but wants to put away more money for retirement
  • Someone living in a remote area where few, if any, business opportunities exist
  • Someone who hates the 9 to 5 life commuting every day
  • Someone who wants to fire their boss
  • A group trying to raise money for their charity or sports team

Many people are experiencing little, if any, professional satisfaction and financial rewards. Working, working and working and discovering, that their time, energy and emotional investment, is not worth the financial reward. Is this you?

Your Qualifications

No special experience, skills or training is necessary. Just invest your desire to succeed at building a profitable business and follow our proven marketing system. You require the willingness to learn about the ‘people and environment safe’ cleaning products industry. Of course, business sales and marketing is helpful, but not a requisite.

Technology Requirements.

* Computer
* Telephone
* Printer
* Basic computer skills to send e-mails and research prospective accounts. We show you how.
* Surf the internet to discover prospective accounts. We show you how.

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