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We are the missing piece for your success

Missing Piece of your Success

A Turn-Key Business Opportunity

When you partner with CCS you are investing in a turn-key business opportunity in the environmental specialty chemical industry.  Everything required to start a CleanCorrect Solutions business is all in one package. You can avoid the common pitfalls of starting a business from scratch.


We Offer Four Dynamic Opportunities

1. Master Distributor Exclusive Territory

The Master Distributor is granted an exclusive geographical territory in North America.   The master distributor will warehouse CCS products  and will service the affiliates in their area.

2. Established Distributors

Established distributors who warehouse and offer a complete line of maintenance products. They order in larger quantities under the CleanCorrect label or Private label. Product investment only.

3. Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates can offer products anywhere in North America. Affiliates do not have to stock products. Products are sent direct from our manufacturing plant or from a Master Distributor.

4. Application Contractor Specialists

         a)     Window Cleaning

          b)     Nano Coatings

          c)    Mold Remediation     

5,   Part- Time

          a)      Trade Shows

          b)      Flea Markets

          c)     Fund Raisers

          d)     Store Demonstrations

          e)     Residential


It’s a Given. We provide you with proven, quality products.
 They are products you will be proud to represent and confident to sell.

Proven Marketing System & Support
It is never good enough to have a great product. You must also know how to get it sold. We want you to be successful. With our opportunity we make all of our sales and marketing intelligence available and provide ongoing sales and marketing  support, when and if needed. Our objective is to help eliminate the trial and error of starting a new business. You will have unlimited support for questions to help grow your business.

Our objective is to combine the traditional method of selling specialty chemicals with basic computer sales and marketing technology, such as web site promotion and email. The Clean*Correct on-line Marketing System will quickly show you how to get the products sold, and re-sold for years to come. This is a simple and motivating program that leaves nothing to the imagination. In a very short time you will gain an understanding and appreciation of what needs to be done and, just as important, what ought not to be done to get the products sold and re-sold.

Your own Web Site                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        You will have your own home page with your photograph and an introduction about you, linked to the CCS web site.

Technical Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From time to time you may need technical product help. Let’s say you’ve made contact with a large account that requires technical information specific to their situation and you don’t have it. You call us. Our technical staff will communicate directly with account to give them what they are looking forward. Just one follow-up call from us could result in streams of income for you and us.

Email Campaigns
Every account you have as a client will receive updates on our products, together with information that is relevant to their specific situation, market trends, new product and new applications .All of your accounts automatically receive a ‘thank you’ for their order.

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