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Build customer loyalty with your own private brand

for less than you can imagine.


For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on how to take possession of your own exclusive private brand advantage.

Contact us.


Private label is becoming big business because it provides the opportunity to carve out n exclusive, niche market and enjoy good profits in the process. There is nothing more exclusive that offering your own private label products that can only be purchased through you.


Increased Residual Profit

With your own exclusive brand you can earn higher profits than discounted national brands. The industry is filled with “me too” products and there are a myriad of suppliers to choose from. CleanCorrect is your opportunity to offer ‘products with a difference’.


Lower Cost

Once you increase your sales in a product we can help you blend and package your own products in a small space in your warehouse.



With CleanCorrect you don’t need to stock large inventories to get into private label.

Minimum Orders, including full color custom labels:

5 cases of 12 x 1 quarts

5 cases of 4 x 1 gallons

5 x 5 gallon pails

1 x 55 gallon drum


Technical Support

  • Access to our Research & Development technicians.
  • Answers to product applications and technical requirements.
  • Custom formulations.


Marketing Support… Learn More

  • How to get your products sold.
  • Inside marketing information.
  • Internet marketing for your web site.


For a No Cost, No Obligation Consultation

How to take possession of your own exclusive private brand advantage Contact us.


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