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Unique soil removal capability.
This versatile cleaner provides both optimum descaling and optimum degreasing capabilities and is capable of removing a diversity of soils, including calcium (hard water scale), lime, milk stone, beer stone, soap scum, fat and oily/greasy soils.
Tiles and Grouting
Ceramic and quarry tiles and grouting are dominant surfaces in washrooms, kitchens, food processing plants, food preparation areas, pool & spa and institutional facilities. The grouting and the tiles can become porous in time and without proper cleaning dirt, oil, grease and soap scum can become permanently ingrained in the surface, along with the negative repercussions.
Stainless Steel and Rust
In kitchens, food processing plants and food preparation facilities the environment often provides the necessary ingredients to cause rust – heat, moisture, acids and chemical contaminants such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides.
Food Preparation Surfaces
Food processing plants and kitchens need to clean a wide variety of food soils, including grease, oils and blood. Food preparation surfaces are susceptible to cuts and scrapes where soils can hide and breed germs if not removed.

The Egg and Concrete Story

Two separate tests were conducted using EnviroGen to prove our claim that EnviroGen cleans like a hazardous acid cleaner and yet is as safe to the skin as liquid dish soap. From the following untouched photographs you will clearly see the results speak for themselves.


TEST: A raw egg was used to test the efficacy of EnviroGen to remove calcium SAFELY, with no harm or damage to delicate membranr. 

Solo Egg Part of the egg is submerged in EnviroGen for several hours. Note: The image of the submerged part of the egg is amplified because of the solution.
The egg is removed and rinsed with water.  Result:  The submerged part of the egg shell has been dissolved by the EnviroGen. However, the membrane or thin protein film that holds the inside of the egg is undamaged. A knife about to cut into the exposed membrane of the submerged part of the egg. The inside of the egg after the submerged section is removed.

RESULT: EnviroGen cleans like a hazardous acid (it dissolved the hard egg shell) and yet is as mild to the skin as liquid dish soap (EnviroGen did not effect or damage the delicate membrane or the inside of the egg).


TEST: A portion of a rust-covered concrete walkway was tested to prove the efficacy of EnviroGen to remove rust. The concrete walk-way, in a shopping mall in North Florida, is covered by a partial overhang which is shored up by steel beams. After a period of a few years, rain rusted the steel in the concrete walk-way and the supporting beams which resulted in an unsightly sidewalk that was detrimental to overall look of the attractive architecture of the mall.

METHOD: EnviroGen was put on an area of the rusted concrete. It was left on for 30 minutes and then given a light scrubbing.

RESULT: The photograph shows the effectiveness of EnivroGen in removing the rust in the concrete walk-way.

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