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From a Restroom to a Brewery Fermenting Room.

Clean commercial restroom  Sterile Fermenting Room

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Three products were being used to keep the food processing area clean. Difficulty in training operators who could not read the functions of the three products and who frequently mixed up what to use and where to use it. There had been several accidents because of using acid-based products.

Food Preparation Areas; Tile floors/walls and grouting. Stainless Steel. Lobster tanks. Steam tables. Coffee makers. Blenders. Fixtures. Cabinets. Appliances.


EnviroGen Pay Off:

  • Money saving. Reduced inventory of cleaning products down to one
  • Training operators now quick and easy
  • Nothing to mix up with one product.
  • Eliminated dangerous acids and the potential for accidents.

Hotel Chain

Using acid-based cleaning products had a potentially harmful effect upon the safety and health of employees and guests. A four-year-old child went out in the hall and took the acid-based toilet bowl cleaner. Luckily, the mother reached him before there was an accident. Cost of special handling and storage. Cost of training staff on these products, many who could not read. A maid who could not read used the acid-based toilet bowl cleaner by mistake and ruined many metal lamps because the product was not rinsed off.





Guest washrooms and Lobby Restrooms:

EnviroGen is being used for descaling and cleaning of the porcelain toilets, urinals,
bathtubs, showers, faucets, sinks, ceramic tile walls/floors and grouting.

Commercial Kitchen:

EnviroGen is being used for descaling and cleaning the quarry tile walls/floors and
grouting. The stainless steel equipment and food preparation surfaces. Coffee makers,
lobster steamers, blenders and other appliances.

Pool and Spa Area:

EnviroGen is used on the tile floors/walls and grouting in and around the swimming pool, hot tub and spa areas. Shower rooms and washrooms.

 EnviroGen Pay Off:

  •  Achieved a very high level of safety in the working environment eliminating toxic fumes and accidents.
  • Reduced inventory by replacing multiple cleaners

 Fish Processing Plant


Labor-intensive cleaning practice. The equipment used for processing the crab and the shrimp had to be taken apart for cleaning and then reassembled. Another problem was that streaks were left on the equipment after cleaning with the traditional chlorinated acid-based products being used.

The main applications, as in all food and beverage processing facilities, were cleaning tile
floors/walls and grouting and stainless steel equipment.


EnviroGen Pay Off:

  • Considerable savings on labor cost by eliminating the time needed to disassemble and reassemble the fish processing equipment.
  • More thorough cleaning. EnviroGen is foamed on and it cleans everything in one  applications, including the crevices in the equipment they were unable to reach before with their previous cleaners.
  • Streaking has been eliminated.
  • Management and employee satisfaction with increased user safety.



The brewery wanted to eliminate phosphoric acid from its descaling and cleaning process in order to create a safer working environment for its employees and to reduce the impact on the environment.

Descaling and cleaning tile floors/walls and grouting. Stainless steel tanks, equipment,
pipes and valves using a foam-generator spray.



EnviroGen Pay Off:

  • EnviroGen resolved the company’s environmental problem.
  • Union satisfaction with increased operator and employee safety.
  • Barricades and protective clothing no longer needed.
  • Reduction in labor. A fermenting room that took 8 hours to clean could now be cleaned in 4 hours.
  • Reduced inventory of cleaning products from four to one and simplified training.


School Board

The Number One problem was safety. Students had used acid-based bowl cleaner in their squirt guns instead of water. School Board wanted dangerous acid products out of the school.

Tile floors/walls and grouting. Shower rooms. Toilets. Sinks, Urinals.



EnviroGen Pay Off:

  • Total safety was established with EnviroGen.
  • School cafeteria also eliminated their dangerous acid-based products.
  • Cleaning product inventory was reduced.
  • Saving of money.

 Milking Parlor


To find an alternative, safe cleaning process for cleaning milking parlors and udder infection control of the cow teats. Of primary importance was the need to partially or totally eliminate the use of acids and other dangerous cleaners that are known to be harmful to those who use them, the cows and the environment. Existing cleaning products being used just surface cleaned and did not remove the hard water deposits and rust that builds up on the stainless steel equipment; and they were not cost effective, or time efficient. It was critical to establish a cleaning system capable of cleaning in the short intervals available between each milking.



Tile floors/walls and grouting. Milk holding tanks. Milking machines. Stainless Steel.
To remove milk stone, rust, calcium, milk fats, protein, sugars, organic and mineral  solids that from on equipment surfaces.

EnviroGen Pay Off:

  • Efficient, safe and economical alternative to hazardous cleaning practice.
  • Cleaning time saving of up to 40% – 50% compared to traditional cleaning method.
  • Removed calcium deposits and rust on stainless steel.
  • Removed calcium deposits on glass.
  • Removed milk stone on stainless steel tanks and equipment, tile and concrete.
  • Infection control of teats during the milking process.
  • Soothing to the teats.


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