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The Toughest Descaler/Cleaner of its kind!
Faster than Phosphoric Acid!

Not only has optimum descaling power to remove inorganic soils, EnviroGen also removes organic soils such as grease and oil found in food processing facilities.

Today’s Smart Choice to replace hazardous acids found In everyday cleaning products including: Phosphoric * Hydrochloric * Sulphuric * Multi-Acid blends

Cleans & Revitalizes Surfaces not Harmed by Water

Soils Removed


Rust Lime   Terrazzo Tile & Grout
Calcium & Scale Soap Scum   Stone Porcelain
Mold / Mildew Food Film   Concrete Fiberglass
Beer Stone Milk Stone   Stainless Steel Brick

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Toilets, Urinals, Tub, Tile/Grouting, Showers


Vents, Steam Tables, Food Prep Surfaces,
Coffee Makers, Appliances, Filters, Humidifiers, Fixtures, Tile Floor/Walls/ Grouting, Fish Tanks, Dishwashers,Food Processors, Grinders, Ice Makers

Food Processing Equipment

Boilers, Tanks, Pipes, Valves, Conveyors, Filters, Fans, Cook Kettles, Tanker Trucks, Tile Floor/Walls

Building Maintenance

Tile Floors & Walls & Grouting, Humidifiers, Vending Machines, Pool & Spa, Concrete

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