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School Board on SAFETY

“Some of our students got into the storage room where our cleaning products were kept and filled their squirt guns with an acid bowl cleaner. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. We immediately got rid of all our acid cleaners and now use EnviroGen for several different applications. The need for a safe environment for our students and our janitors dictated our choice of EnviroGen.”

Milking Parlor praises cleaning PERFORMANCE and SAFETY

“We are an environmentally conscious company but we had to get our facility cleaned.
We tried different environmentally friendly products over the years but found their performance weak. And costly. EnviroGen is the first cleaner we have found, and now use, that offers optimum cleaning performance and safety as well.”

Supermarket chain rates EnviroGen a SAFE and HIGHLY ECONOMICAL cleaner

“Prior to using EnviroGen we were using 3 products for 3 different applications. EnviroGen replaced all three. We are now using it to clean lobster tanks, steam tables, food preparation surfaces, coffee makers, blenders, fixture and cabinets, tile floors, walls and grouting, EnviroGen is a safe and highly effective cleaner that has reduced our labor costs and our inventory of cleaning products. Training our staff has never been easier.”

Fish Processing Plant LOWER COST CLEANING and SAFETY

“Prior to using EnviroGen the cleaners we were using required special precautions to be taken. These included protective clothing for cleaning personnel, barricading the areas
being cleaned and providing adequate ventilation to get rid of toxic fumes. EnviroGen eliminated the need for these costly precautions. We also no longer have to carry the cost of meeting the stringent requirements for the handling and storage of acids. And our cleaning operators are happy. They no longer have to worry about handling dangerous substances.”

Hotel Chain on SAFETY and VERSATILITY of EnviroGen

“Our primary need was to replace our acid-based cleaners to create a safer environment for our cleaning personnel and guests. Training our staff to use EnviroGen proved to be
simple and fast. An unexpected benefit was the versatility of the product. Use of EnviroGen quickly expanded to many other cleaning applications in our general maintenance, engineering, kitchen and housekeeping departments.”

Brewery speaks highly on SAFETY, PERFORMANCE and ECONOMICS

“We needed to eliminate the use of phosphoric acid in our descaling and cleaning process as this was having a major negative impact on our employees. The areas of the plant being cleaned had to be ventilated, barricaded and sign-posted “Danger” to ensure employee safety. Operators had to wear protective clothing. EnviroGen proved to be the perfect replacement in safety, performance and economics. EnviroGen reduced our inventory of cleaning products from 4 to just 1. A fermenting room that prior to EnviroGen took 8 hours to clean now takes only 4 hours to clean using EnviroGen. We have Union satisfaction with increased operator and employee safety and operators require no special clothing except gloves in compliance with Union Safety Regulations. Barricades have been eliminated and employees can now move freely through areas being cleaned.”

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