Yin & Yang Cleaning System

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Two Cleaning Products
for just about every cleaning job there is.

The concepts of Yin and Yang originate in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics which describe two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. This can be defined as up and down, left and right, light and dark, hot and cold, stillness and movements, and so forth.

In a perfect world one cleaning product would be ideal. So far, there’s no such technology- and that’s because there are two main types of soil to clean.

Organic Soil requiring alkaline or neutral cleaner (7pH plus) Learn More
Inorganic Soil requiring an acid-based product (low pH). 


Yin Yang of Cleaning Products

We live in an increasingly complex society. Even the cleaning process has become complex with so many different products to use. Many look, smell and act the same and there is the need to learn and remember so many different names, applications, cautions, warnings, protective clothing, and dilutions.


So simple AND safe is the answer.

The Yin and Yang Cleaning System makes it possible to remove the majority of soils in most facilities using only two products. What one can do the other cannot. But between them they are capable of removing most soils, with the added advantage of being people and environment safe.

1. EnviroGen Acid Replacement Descaler & Cleaner for inorganic soils such as calcium, hard water stains, lime, rust and many more. …learn more

2. TerraMaxx Degreaser & Cleaner for Organic soils such as grease, dirt and many more…learn more


The goals of the Yin and Yang Cleaning System

  • Reduce the number of products it takes to clean any facility, thereby reducing inventory and saving thousands of dollars a year in the duplication of cleaning products
  • Make cleaning more efficient and cost effective
  • Simplify operator training;
  • Eliminate dangerous chemicals from the cleaning process
  • Clean the surface right the first time and eliminate expensive time in re-cleaning


The simplicity of the Yin and Yang Cleaning System lowers costs, improves safety and efficiency.


Contact us to find out how to improve your cleaning performance, save costs and provide your employees with a safe cleaning environment.


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