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A Breath of Fresh Air


Commitment to Purifying Our Environment

CleanCorrect Solutions is an environmental technology company. Environmental pollution is increasing rapidly, so what is the solution to put a stop to it? And what are the challenges ahead of us in terms of our social behavior in our attempt to purify our environment? Our answer is to contribute our technology know-how and the environmentally friendly solution of photocatalyst titanium dioxide to remove environmental contaminants so that we can preserve clean environments. Our ultimate goal is to keep the air we breathe and water we drink clean.

Indoor Air Purification, Deodorization We spend as much as 90 percent of our time indoors, exposed to polluted indoor air that can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and even lung cancer, or other malignancies. People are developing chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, as they are exposed to indoor air pollutants. Indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde in the furniture could also cause skin irritation, eye dryness, nausea, and more.

ProNanoCote is not sprayed into the air like traditional deodorizers. It is sprayed directly onto any surface in the workplace or home that is exposed to light. Based on the most advanced nano science, photocatalytic ProNanoCote interacts with the sun, or ambient light, to create super oxidants that breakdown odors, allergens and pollutants into harmless inorganic gas and water vapor, completely decomposing and eliminating them and creating a fresher and healthier environment. They are not being covered up with simply an odor mask. When exposed to light a single coat of ProNanoCote photocatalyst can last up to one year, creating a fresher and healthier environment by eliminating organic pollutants like smoke, pets, odors caused by mold & mildew, bacteria, food, fecal mater, urine, and more

One Coat Lasts One Year

A treated area or surface can maintain its deodorizing and purifying effect for up to one year and during that time eliminate organic pollutants such as smoke, pets and odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria and food contact.

Healthy Air

Urine CompositionTransportation Air Pollution Concerns

In recent years, the accumulation of air toxins in vehicles, cars, trucks, RVs, trains and planes has raised alarming health concerns for government authorities. Over the past two decades consistent findings around the world have revealed that driving in a tightly packed traffic leads to interior concentrations of pollutants that are up to 50 times higher than those in ambient city air. Many of the pollutants are suspected to be human carcinogens, and others may affect the neurological, immune and reproductive systems.


  • Air Purification (Deodorization) automatic removal of contaminated gas, air toxics, VOC’s, chemical and biological odors such as pets, cigarettes, mold and food odors.
  • Light-activated ProNanoCote is a light-driven technology. Any light source, including sunlight, kicks in the decomposition mechanism to remove harmful substances. No external energy is needed.
  • Environmentally friendly technology. Safe for children and pets.
  • PH NEUTRAL 7.6
  • Odorless ProNanoCote is free of chemical scent.
  • Long lasting and maintenance free. One full year without re-application.


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