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Have you ever noticed how much better your workplace and home look when the window, and glass doors are perfectly clean? Yet many of us choose to tolerate dirty glass rather than mess around with harmful chemicals and dirty pollutants. What it all boils down at the end is that it doesn’t matter how often or how detailed we clean the windows glass, environmental pollutants such as dust, dirt, grime, hard water deposit, and even cleaner residue will eventually come back and settle on the glass once again. While these pollutants are generally not dangerous to safety or health, they do cause costly nuisance problems in the workplace and home. Now there is an effective solution to properly maintaining window cleanliness 24/7, 365 days a year.

Low-Maintenance Coating is engineered to use rainwater and sunlight to remove organic dirt and debris. In times of low rainfall, or on windows not exposed to sufficient rain, it may be necessary to do supplemental rinsing. (Reducing up to 99% of water spot).


Window Glass Types and Treatments

Designing buildings using more glass and larger glass windows is the latest trend in modern architecture. Glass and window treatments provide an attractive “make-over” to a home, improve its “curb appeal” (exterior beauty) and increases its value.

Most common types and treatments are:


Common Problems:

The causes of glass soiling can be broadly divided into two categories:


Common pollutants are:

Current Solutions:


Are They Effective?

Chemical cleaners, e.g. Windex

Temporary,labor intensive and consuming, requires frequent re-application. Leaves toxic chemical film and glass becomes blurry in just few days.


Hydrophobic glass coating solutions, e.g. RainX, Diamond Fusion

Short lived, ineffective ,require re-application.


Squeegees & Micro-fibers

Temporary, labor intensive,requires re-application


Science & Nature Working Together











Practical Applications and Methods:

Home Windows

Pool glass


Car windows/mirrors

RV windows/mirrors

Boat windows/mirrors

Store front windows

Public transportation windows, etc…





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