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Green Chemistry for Green Building

Many government agencies and business leaders are promoting the Green Building concept to construct a building that is environmentally responsible, profitable and provides a healthy place to live and work.

Photocatalyst technology has been considered the “Green Chemistry” and the “Holy Grail” to remediate chemical pollutions caused by material manufacturers and fabricators.

Green Building Hygienic Coating Technology (Interior/ Exterior Surface)

Past projects and how Photocatalyst works.

Warehouse of Tokyo Corporation
Painted wall was coated by spray coating method.
Elementary School
Removing the VOC odor in the computer room

Monte Carlo guest rooms project in Las Vegas.

Reducing odor by spray coating

Internal wall of a container in truck trailer project
Reducing odor occurring from internal board material and soil on the outside of container.
Coated Office building project
Diesel Exhaust Tile Sample

Photocatalyst test to compare ProNanoCote treated vs untreated tiles.

Two white tiles- one is coated with nano photocatalyst and the other is left uncoated. A layer of organic ink (fountain pen red ink) was sprayed onto both tiles in order to demonstrate the photoctalytic oxidization process. Once the tiles were exposed to UV light or sunlight, you would observe the coated tile gradually returning to its original white color, while the uncoated tile retained the red ink coating. In order to better distinguish the oxidization effect, a coin was placed on top of the two tiles to block a portion of the tile from sunlight, therefore preventing photocatalytic oxidization from occurring.

Green Clean coated tile

Protecting your building from environmental contamination.

Protecting your building

City public restrooms showing the multiple benefits of ProNanoCote treatment

Pictures on left- only the right side of this outside wall was treated.
Note the close-up photo below, right side is staying clean

Pictures on right- the interior walls and ceiling were treated for odor control.
Note water sheeting effect in lower photo.



10 Year Rate of Return

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