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It’s tough on dirt.
Easy on People, Surfaces and the Environment.

 Non-Corrosive * Non-Toxic * Non-Fuming * Non-Flammable


The TerraMaxx Advantage

Exclusive Cytagen Advanced Surfactant System

Exclusive Cytagen Advanced Surfactant System

Cytagen perfectly balances a ‘people and environment safe’ product with the capability of removing the heaviest of soil deposits. This biodegradable product is non-toxic to human, animal and vegetable life. TerraMaxx is today’s responsible and economic choice to replace many hazardous harsh alkaline cleaners and petroleum-based degreasers for just about every cleaning application on surfaces not harmed by water.

Up to 7 times surface coverage

 A key advantage is the Terra Maxx unique horizontal and vertical cleaning action with up to 7 times the surface coverage compared to other degreases. The grease-cutting properties and extreme wetting abilities of TerraMaxx have never before been seen in a water-soluble cleaner/degreaser.

TerraMaxx Green Cleaning

This photograph was taken during a test comparing surface coverage of TerraMaxx with two leading-brand degreasers/cleaners. All three products were diluted at a 1:10 ratio with water. The surface was coated with carbon, grease and oil scrapped from diesel engines. The results of the test proved that TerraMaxx provides greater surface coverage and soil penetration and brings soil removal technology to a higher level of efficiency for less cost.

Science & Nature Working Together
Let our Products Work for You

3 reasons why TerraMaxx is in such great demand

Low Cleaning Cost

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