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Today’s Smart Choice to replace traditional and harmful petroleum-based degreasers, solvent degreasers and harsh alkaline cleaners.

Breaking the Bond between Soil and Surface

Our proprietary Cytagen EPA Approved surfactant system creates the effect of making the water wetter, resulting in a wide, horizontal spread that provides much greater surface coverage than traditional cleaners.

We achieve this through the surfactant system which encapsulates the dirt and actually uses the particles of soil as a springboard to another particle.

One bead of water with TerraMaxx can maximize the spread of the liquid over the surface. It’s hard to visualize this unique spread without having seen it but until you do, think of it as being the difference between a 2-lane and a 14-lane highway, with TerraMaxx being the 14-lane spread, with the same amount of product..

The result: More surface cleaned with greater effectiveness using just a small of amount of product and less labor. And, TerraMaxx’s unique suspending wetting action rinses completely film-free, leaving no residual film to attract further soils.


Multi-Purpose. Ideal for many types of cleaning applications.
Superior grease cutting properties.
Combines vertical and unique horizontal cleaning action that covers up to 7 times more of the surface than conventional, multi-purpose degreasers and cleaners.
Extreme wetting abilities never before seen in a water-soluble degreaser/cleaner.
Rapid penetration on oily/greasy/waxy and particulate soils.
Ability to clean areas where agitation is restricted.
Works equally well in hard, soft, and salt water.
Flotation action holds soil in suspension while it floats away.
No film or residue after rinsing. Leaves a streak-free surface.
Provides exceptional cold water rinsing.
Can be used on any washable surface.
No unpleasant odors.



Grease Animal Fats Adhesives
Food Stains Tar and Asphalt Blood
Grass Stains Pet Stains Glue
Gum Crayon Ball Point
Fresh Paint Mildew Mold
Cosmetics/Lipstick Water Scum Lines Scuff & Tire Marks
Smoke Film Printing Ink/Water-based Black Carbon Deposits
Marine Growth and Algae Petroleum Greases/ Oils Fruit Juices
Suntan Lotion Oils Wax Build-up
Coffee Soap Scum  
Diesel Soot Shoe Polish  




Aluminum Astroturf Chrome
Brick Ceramic All tiles Galvanized
Concrete Fabrics Fiber Glass Formica
Baseboards Stainless Steel Glass Grouting
Terrazzo Linoleum Marble Metals
Painted Surfaces Wood Vinyl Plastic
Canvas Sports Equipment Stone Dashboards
Machinery Tools    

Areas of Use



Showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, tile, taps, walls, floors, wall cabinets.


Cabinets, stoves, appliances, range hoods, grills, microwave ovens, cooking utensils.

Building Exteriors

Concrete and masonry cleaner and degreaser, driveway oil spots, vinyl siding.

Food & Beverage Processing

Equipment/appliances, chicken ovens, deep fat, fryers, grills, BBQs, soak tanks, ranges, stove tops, filters, vent hoods, ventilating and air filtering systems, floors, walls, tile and grouting, countertops, tables and work surfaces, garbage cans.


Engine degreasing, shampoo and cleaning, floor mats, wheels, tires, bumpers, parts washer and dip bath, removal of film and brake dust, bug removal, wash for ATVs and RVs, autos, trucks and buses, diesel and carbon exhaust tracks, equipment maintenance, concrete floors.


  • Municipalities

  • Government Agencies

  • Police, Fire

  • Schools

  • Care Giving

Cafeterias, athletic facilities, trash receptacles, incinerator chutes, garbage rooms, dirty areas that attract rodents and insects and give them a place to breed, workshops, concrete areas, air conditioning filters, fans and coils, compactors, filter system. Pumps, sump pumps, motor housings, water treatment, plants equipment maintenance and clean-up, recreation facilities, swimming pools, spas, decks, patio furniture, garage clean-up, diversified equipment used in sewage treatment plants, window blinds, umbrellas, Jacuzzi tops, lawn equipment.


Metals and engines degreaser, small parts dip washer, tools equipment and machinery maintenance and cleanup, coolant systems for grinders, lathes and milling machines, painted plastics, tanks, fluorescent light fixtures, precision equipment, air-conditioning filters and electronic filters and coils, walls and floors, concrete, marble, terrazzo, grouting.


Bilge sludge cleaner, engines, vinyl seats, general clean-up and maintenance, algae, oil


Printing ink press cleaner, metal and rubber roller plates, blanket clean-up, silk screen equipment, tools and press, walls and floors.

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